Homebrew, Node.js, and all the goodies!

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Yet, there are a few problems…

  1. I’ve never owned a Mac in my life.
  2. (More urgently) The new M1 chip is ARM-based.

Visual Studio Code is bae

VSCode is bae. Image from https://code.visualstudio.com/. Edited by the Author.

It really boils down to a few major…

Nifty tips to become a pro Vim coder

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Flask + NPM + Heroku = ?

Image created by author


Refreshed UI & Drastic Performance Fixes

VSCode Jupyter Notebooks. Image Source: me😄


Make a Discord bot with Python 3

Image courtesy of discord.py

A multi-scale CNN with an autoencoder-like architecture

A diagram of FgSegNet’s architecture; it uses three CNN models and a single TCNN. [1]


  • Subtle changes in the (background) scenery
  • Ignoring moving trees, leaves, snow, rain, shadows, etc.
  • Handling scenarios with bad lighting
  • Dealing with camera jitter and/or motion
  • Camouflaged objects in ambiguous areas…

I bet there’s at least one here you haven’t seen yet…

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Yes, you heard it right.

That’s it. Well, if you wanted to be super ambitious it would be three lines 😅


Extremely simple, to the point where it’s almost scary…

But, what is “ml5”?

Looking In Deeper

An interesting experience, but one that isn’t flawless…

What Gives?

Richard So

High schooler @ Staten Island Technical HS. Currently pursuing research and code (Python [ML, Web Dev], JS, C/C++). Eager to keep on learning!

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